DeLonghi KG79 Grinder

21 Jan 2014

Recently I bought the DeLonghi KG79 coffee grinder.
I thinks that cheap and middle price coffee grinder are not really able to grind your coffee for a good espresso.
So I decide for this grinder after I found this post and see that it can be easily modify.
This grinder is also quite cheap (I bought on amazon for 33 Euros).

I'm posting some more photos cause, even if the previous post is well made, I found some details are missing.
Specially about how the two know are hold in place and how you can better remove.

grind setting(side):

there are 4 clips you can push using a screwdriver.

cup setting(front):

there is no clip, you have just to pull it. I found this one much more difficult to remove compared with the one on the side.

I've used some tape to avoid scratches:

Also I din't cut the stop piece on the side, instead I have first set the grind settings to the finest set. Than I've removed the 4 screws and simple turn the wheel to the middle position. This will protect your grinder and, if you use the grinder for espresso only like me, you will never want to use it for a coarse coffee.

The result is really good, the coffee is really fine and, even if the container is just plastic, static electricity is not a problem.